Tell me about Yourself ?

Tell me about Yourself ?
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The First and most frequently asked question in any job interview.

They want to see how you react to the question. Highlight your accomplishments that are most relevant to this specific position, Tell them about yourself, your work , past work, your achievement, Your talent and your passion in few lines. Remember not to give your answer longer than 2 – 3 minutes. This foremost question helps them to test your confident and language skill. so give your answer carefully and confidently.  Check out the example below.

Note – General Tips:

 – Don’t Tell them your life story.

 – Don’t throw the question back. Like, What do you want to know? or What are you expecting from me?

 – Don’t mention all the qualities you think you have instead highlight the qualities that they want on you.

 – Check out the Job resposibilities they are looking for or research the company’s website.


Answer 1: Well, i am Crish NXT from ABC Town. I have done  BIT From Kathford University. I’ve been working for the past three years as a ……. During that time I’ve been trained and certified on a number of different courses and professional trainings. I’d describe myself as a person with a versatile skill and quick decision maker with a willingness to run extra mile to satisfy my customer for the betterment of the company.  

Answer 2: I am …………,  and I’m 58 year old healthy and happy citizen I have been working with my career for almost 36 years both local and abroad as plant superintendent and I want to pursue my endeavor because of my dedication in this kind of works that makes satisfaction to share of my ability to the individual as personal commitment which I believe to create a good working force and realable and responsible line of working personnel.

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  1. Sumi

    My name is Sumi, a civil engineering graduate from the university of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. For about two years now I have been working with a structural design and construction company (skyrock associates). I am skilled in AutoCAD and Orion design software and also work fluently with Microsoft office…-

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  2. Zany

    My name is Zany. l am from Zimbabwe.l am the third born in a family of six.l worked in a Ministry of Home Affairs as a policewoman.l have six years service in the police organisation.l have a certificate of public prosecution ,i carried it 2013 at Zimbabwe Republic police Staff College.l am attached at Police Licence Inspectorate Department,my duties are to inforce shop licences and liquor licence and to arrest offenders..

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  3. Mark

    I am Mark..l. I have completed my BED in Adult and Community Education at university of Dar es salaam. I have been working at the International Organization of UNHCR for three years. Also I’m competent in organizing and preparing seminar, workshop, and conduct training in different social issues..

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  4. sirjan

    My name is Sirjan. I am from Punjab I have completed graduation of law from Punjab university in 2014 and joined court for practicing for 2 years. I got married in 2016 and have one baby girl. I wish to settle in Australia. I am very hardworking and sincere towards my work. I love to listen holy music and reading books

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  5. Philipdrili

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