Top 20 Things You Should Not Do In An Interview

Top 20 Things You Should Not Do In An Interview
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Below is the list of the top 20 things you should not do in an interview:

– By Pete Ryan, Senior Career Advisor

Top 20 things you should not do in an interview

Top 20 things you should not do in an interview

Poor personal appearance: always wear a nice suit (and tie for men) even if everyone at the office is wearing jeans and flip-flops. It goes a long way.

Forget to close: you are interviewing for a sales job. You have to ask for next steps at the end of the interview.

Show up unprepared: review How to prepare for your interview.  Make sure you 5-10 strong questions to ask.
Too much “I”: talk in terms of ‘we’; it shows you are a team player.

Ask no questions: if you don’t ask questions at the end of the interview it will appear that you are disinterested.

Show up late: the hiring manager will think “if he/she shows up late to the interview will they show up late to a customer meeting as well?” Arrive 10 minutes early.

Chew Gum: don’t do it.

Speak poorly of past employers: even if you had a bad boss or work experience, don’t speak of it. Keep the energy positive.

Lie: The world is a small place. If you lie about something the hiring manager can likely find out by reaching out to your past employer or boss.

Monetary based questions: don’t ask the about the salary, vacation days, perks and benefits.  We [Gogohire] can find out for you.

Acting too relaxed: the interview should be taken seriously. If you are too laid back the interviewer will question your professionalism.

Too much talking: The conversation should be like a free flowing tennis match. Don’t hog the ball and turn the interview into a monologue.

Bad eye contact: the easiest way to build trust with someone is by looking them in the eye.
Not turning off your cell phone: turn off your cell phone and put it away.

Asking poor questions: the interviewer will think that you didn’t prepare or commonly ask bad questions.

No, follow up email: No matter what you need to follow up. It’s the easiest way to leave a bad taste in someone’s mouth.

Lack of energy: sales is a high endurance sport. Come to the interview enthusiastic and passionate.
TMI (Too much information): the interviewer isn’t your therapist. Don’t share your deepest secrets and personal information too early.

Rambling: keep your interview answers short and sweet. Answer the question the interviewer is asking and nothing more, unless requested.

Any interview can force you to think on your feet if you aren’t prepared. So, 

– Be passionate about the company. This is so important. Resist the urge to be aloof and cool.
– Be interested in the interviewer.
– Be positive.
– Be honest. (I’ve often asked candidates for BD: “I noticed you were CEO of [blank] but did you actually do deals?” “Yes, definitely.” “So you drove the deal and signed if?” “Yes.” “What’s an indemnity?” “[stunned silence]”
– Relax and have fun.
– Be thankful for people’s time.

– Write thank you notes. I know, I hate those too. Most people don’t care, but 1/10 is offended. Not worth it, just write it. That night or <23 hours.
– Remember that all you can do is give it 100%. If you try as hard as you can and still don’t get the offer, that’s life.

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