$50 Facebook Coupon Codes 2018 Here For Free

$50 Facebook Coupon Codes 2018 Here For Free
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We have started giving away facebook coupon codes to our daily, weekly and monthly visitors. A Facebook advertising coupon is a form of payment for your Facebook ads. They can be used for advertising on Facebook and/or Instagram depending on the type of coupon.

Facebook offers USD50 free coupon for advertisers through the official marketing app under the program called Start to Success.  Through which we gain 5 different facebook ad coupons every month. 

These are 5 different $50 Facebook ad coupon code for May 2018.





Hurry Up!!! and Use this facebook ad coupon as soon as possible. Valid Until July 2018. Ask us in the comment section if the problem arises.

Check this official page of Facebook for business to understand how the Facebook ad coupon codes work.

Alternative Ways to get facebook ad coupon code in 2018

For another method of advertising on Facebook, check out the new Shopify Facebook app. With this app, you’ll be able to create a full-featured e-commerce store directly on your Facebook page, so people won’t even have to leave Facebook to purchase your product. To learn how to set up your Facebook store using Shopify, go here.

You can also receive a Facebook ad coupon by attending one of their live events.

What are the Conditions?

  • Start to Success program is applicable only for the new Facebook advertisers.
  • You need to maintain a daily budget of $50 or local equivalent for first 30 days.
  • Free $50 or the local equivalent will be credited to your account once the program is started.
  • The offer is mainly for the companies and hence the company name, number of employees and phone number details are mandatory to be filled in the form before submission.

Troubleshooting coupons

If you’re having trouble adding your advertising coupon to your account, it may be because:

  • You’re trying to redeem a coupon on an ad account set up for manual payments, meaning you use one of these payment methods to pay for ads. The ability to add a coupon to a manual ad account is a feature that’s being rolled out gradually and isn’t available for all advertisers. To make sure you can use your coupon, you’ll need to use an ad account with automatic payments or create one.
  • The coupon is invalid or has expired.
  • The coupon has already been used, either on your account or on an account that shares a credit card with your account.
  • The number of free promotional uses for the coupon has been reached.
  • Your account has used a coupon in the past.
  • The coupon is for new advertisers only, and your account is too old to redeem the code.


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