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Be ready forSales Associate interview questionsthat explore the candidate’s knowledge, skills and core competencies commonly required for successful performance in an retail Industry. When interviewing for a sales associate position, you really have to do everything you can to show the interviewer your customer service skills and salesmanship. So what does retail Sales Associate actually mean.

 Retail sales associates (Sales assistant in other word) work at retail stores where their main work is customer services. They assist customers with locating and choosing items in a store. They explain the features of each product in order to close a sale and answer any questions that a customer may have regarding the products.  Retail sales associate position might be a starting point for someone interested in a career in retail.


What Knowledge do you require:

 – Products Knowledge

 – knowledge of sales principles

 – Communication Skills

 – keep merchandise area tidy

 – Managing inventories and ensuring that all shelves are stocked appropriately.

 – Handling difficult problems, situation or customers.

 – Customer Service.

 – Mathematical skills

 – Ways to resolve customer issues

 – stress tolerance





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