Have you used any retail sales system before?

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Interviewer are seeking for the staff who has adequate knowledge on computer system and other retail software. Tell them your experience in using POS System or any other retail software system. If you don’t have any experience before, assure them that you are a quick learner and can learn as quick as possible.  It is tremendously helpful if you have previous cash-handling experience.

Note – general tips:

 – Never to mention these phrases, “NO” or “I don’t have any knowledge” etc.

 – Highlight it’s advantage and merits point.

  – How long have you been working.

 – Assure them you are a quick learner and can learn as soon as possible.

 Sample Answer: Yes, I am very well versed in point of sales system and retail software. I have been handling cashier section and POS system since 3 years. I was trained at my previous / current company which helped myself and a team to work easily and in a convenient way.




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