How do you deal with rejection?

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The interviewer is trying to know how you deal with rejection, failure or some other disappointment from customers at work. It’s also a question which gives them a useful opportunity to potentially identify your experience and ability to deal with difficult decision and your quick decision making skills. Inorder to succeed in sales, you must be able to  face the world of  rejection.  The interviewer won’t want to hire someone who can’t handle it when the situation gets tough.

Note – general tips:

 – Do not explain how you got rejected, instead talk about how you use rejection as a motivator and an opportunity to learn.

 – Mention in your point, that you don’t take rejection personally.

  – Try to pick something which isn’t too negative

 – Highlight what was learned from the experience and how this knowledge was put to good use in the future. 

 Sample Answer: Well, I will reject rejection and try to let go of the feeling and take every mistake as a new challenge to face and a new experience to learn. I will never blame mistakes to any person and also try to figure out my mistakes and take it as an opportunity to grow. My ultimate goal is to grow, evolve and become brilliantly better. If I am avoiding rejection then I am in conflict with my goal.We all have vulnerabilities and we all make mistakes but being rejected doesn’t mean I am not good enough, instead it only means I can welcome a better tomorrow. So I always take rejection and a failure as the first step to climb the ladder of success which in fact i deal very calmly and with dignity. 



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