Please go through the following questions and start preparing the answers

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Hi !! I am Warid. I am sharing my experience here.

Please go through the following questions and start preparing the answers for the same. These are very important questions and spend some considerable thought and time while answering them.

—Tell me about yourself

—Tell me something which is not on your CV

—Hobbies/ Extracurrics

—Strengths & weaknesses (2 each)

—Why should we select you

—Goals / Challenges/ Dreams

—Incidents to be narrated for all subjective questions (most proud or embarassing situation, justification of strength or weakness)

—Anything About city/ state/school/ college.(Basically any word written on your form or CV)

— Current Affairs (Usually headlines of past 2-3 months)

—Short term & Long term Career Objective

—Why MBA? Why this institute?(can be viewed from their website) Why this field?

—About your previous educational institutes

—Justify your academic performance (2 favorite subjects)

— Meaning of your name

—Role Model

—Any question that YOU would like to ask us

DONT forget to dress well, Keep a smile on your face, Have a very very positive and hopeful attitude and be mature to accept mistakes graciously. Be very ethical in your answers.

For a detailed discussion on answering such questions, you can refer to my video on “Interview basics” on my website EduSaathi and also on youtube. Search “interview edusaathi”

This will give you a lot of possible answers to all such questions.

All The Best!!! Hope it Helps..

Cheers & All The Best!!!

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