Things to remember (before, after, and during the interview.

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This is a tricky question that can force you to think on your feet if you aren’t prepared.

– Be passionate about the company. This is so important. Resist the urge to be aloof and cool.
– Be interested in the interviewer.
– Be positive.
– Be honest. (I’ve often asked candidates for BD: “I noticed you were CEO of [blank], but did you actually do deals?” “Yes, definitely.” “So you drove the deal and signed if?” “Yes.” “What’s an indemnity?” “[stunned silence]”
– Relax and have fun.
– Be thankful for people’s time.

– Write thank you notes. I know, I hate those too. Most people don’t care, but 1/10 is offended. Not worth it, just write it. That night or <23 hours.
– Remember that all you can do is give it 100%. If you try as hard as you can and still don’t get the offer, that’s life.


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