What’s your greatest weakness?

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 The interviewer is trying to figure out if your weakness will make it hard for you to do a good job or fit into the organization. Telling the interviewer that you have no weaknesses means that you’re hiding something so bad. Don’t you think it is a sign of overconfident. So Avoid saying that you have no weakness at all. A perfect candidate will mention weakness and turn it into a strength. It all depends on what you say to interviewer.

Note – General Tips:

 – Don’t refuse to answer the question.

Don’t confess to any work-related weaknesses. Mention the weakness that doesn’t relate to job responsibilities.

 – Don’t think you are perfectionist and don’t have any weakness.

 – Select a weakness that is relatively minor or you can improve easily in the future..

 – Avoid detailing your every weakness, don’t mention more than three weaknesses, It directly throw a bad impression to interviewer.




Answer :  I feel that my greatest weakness is that sometimes I will be too honest to coworkers and my team members when I provide feedbacks at work. I am naturally very straightforward, and most of my colleagues really value that, but I have learned that there are times on the job when more diplomacy is required.

So, I attended a training class on conflict management which helped me to understand the ways to communicate differently with different people in a different situation. So now I have improved my level at providing constructive feedback at work.




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