Describe any accounting report that you have developed or revised.

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Interviewer is looking  insight into the candidate and their performance. Assure them that you have excellent planning and scheduling skills. Demonstrate that you can set long-term and benchmark goals for yourself by explaining how you develop and revise specific objectives for reports. Your answer must clearly show how much passionate are you to get this job role. Pick an accounting process where you can clearly elaborate your involvement in the process. Detail the action and steps you took in the situation.. Following general tips will give you some ideas.

Note – Point out the listed things:

 –  Highlight how you have monitored and analyzed work processes to develop more efficient procedures and use of resources.

 –  Prepare a report that is reliable for long-term plan.

 – Suggest changes for more successful procedures.

 – Make a report on Credit Policy and Credit Terms.

 – Make a report on: Reducing average days collection, Reducing billing errors, Shortening the invoice process or designing a new accounting process.

 Sample answers:   Well, I have prepared a report on loser credit policy which  helps the company to increase average collection period. If the Management decides to grant more credit to customers, perhaps in an effort to increase sales. This may also mean that certain customers are being allowed a longer period of time before they must pay for outstanding invoices. This could possibly be beneficial when a small business wants to sell to a large retail chain, which can promise a large sales boost in exchange for long payment terms.



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