How do you ensure you make no mistakes in work?

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Everyone does mistakes at anytime. But when we speak about accounting, a mistake can prove extremely costly.. Interviewer wants to know how much careful are you at your work and what are the ways for you to minimize those mistakes.

Note – General Tips to Avoid Mistakes:

 –  Double-check everything and ensure that you have done your work accurately.

 – Don’t be reluctant to ask help to your boss, supervisor or coworkers. Asking for help is not a sign of incompetence, or inexperience.

 –  Entry level candidates often believe that in order to be a star at work, one must show up to his boss. This is one biggest negative sign you are spreading on. Don’t compete with your boss or any other employee higher in position. Your hardworking will obviously catch everyone’s eyes.

–  Getting late to work everyday is also the bad sign and the biggest mistake you do at your work.

– Try to learn From your coworkers. Sometimes they are more experienced than you are.

Sample answers: I don’t pretend to be impeccable because I make mistakes sometimes unexpectedly.  However, when it comes to financial reporting, I am perfectly focused on my work as I understand that any mistake can lead to wrong decisions and big loss of the financial management.  If I am not 100% sure about some record, I always consult with my colleagues or any other experienced members of the department to make the work done perfectly. To ensure that I have no mistakes, I double-check everything and ensure that I have settle down everything accurately.



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