What do you consider to be the biggest challenge facing the accounting profession today?

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Interviewer wants to know whether you have updated yourself with the present challenges facing by the accounting professional or not.  Since this is one important question in the list, do not skip this question in anyway. So the best way to find the answer for this question would be to take a deep research on present situation through internet or business newspapers and find out an additional insights on marketing priorities . Over 30% of respondents report technology issues as a top challenge for their firms in the growing IT World.

Sample answers:  In response to the changing market, i think the biggest challenge is that, accountancy professionals have to provide more management and consulting services, in addition to financial management. They have to assume a greater advisory role and develop more complex and flexible accounting systems. Similarly, timely realizing the credit / accounts receivable and maintaining cash inflow without losing the customer relations would be a tough challenge during the financial crisis period.



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